Sunday, 3 May 2009


Sunday 2nd May 2009 8:27pm

I am so so sorry i have not updated this sooner. I have had a lot going on just lately. But never mind me lets get on to the adorable Persians..

Thay are all very settled now and even Dylan has graced us with his presence in the dining room. Smudge and Clonkers are running around playing with each other every day and Smudge has been skidding up and down the laminate flooring on the hall with a toy. Its lovely to watch him but he seems a little embaressed when he sees your watching lol bless him. Both of them are very happy to eat together and even from the same bowl. Dylan will also share a bowl with any of the other Persians. They are all quite happy to mix with the moggies and sit and eat next to them or even lay next to them as Salem did with our half Persian Smokey.

I have some lovely pictures to share of some of them mixing with the moggies wich i know you have all been waiting to see and hear about and i will post them tomorrow. I almost forgot that i have also grown some cat grass for them in a small trough and i got them a Slicker brush to help with thier coats. I was told it was the best brush for long and thick coats.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

We have contact :)

Sunday 12 April 2009

This morning Dylan and Smudge were more out in the open and having a little wander,
When Clonkers and Smudge crossed paths i held my breath and didnt know what they would do. But they were nose to nose and not one growl or hiss was exchanged and i thought ESH to ESH how lovely. Then they just continued on thier way. I have got some lovely pictures and will have some videos to show soon with my new digicam/camcorder Steve got me. I kept complaining that i was missing shots because my digicam took so long, so Steve got me a new one :)

Times getting on so i will have to go for now and continue this in the morning. I hope you all had a lovely easter lots of hugz and purrrs.

Shelly. xxxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

2 Weeks Today + New Additions

11th April 2009

On Thursday Salem seemed a bit distant and didn't eat his breakfast but i started to get worried when he didn't eat his dinner. I thought id'e see how he went at teatime. I did our tea and went in the lounge to eat it. I saved some for the cats and when i went into the kitchen Salem was the first in the que and ate all his so i stopped worrying, i think he was just having an off day. And it was steak they had by the way lol

Yesterday morning Clonkers and Amber were playing by chasing each other and skating across the hall on the laminate floor lol which brings me to yesterday afternoon...

It all started with a thread that was posted on a rescue forum i go on that i have been following for just over a week. A lovely lady called Leigh posted 2 beautiful Persian boys called Dylan & Smudge because her baby had developed a very bad allergy to the cats so she was sadly having to part with them. Another woman from the same forum had seen the post and asked to take them. It was all arranged for them to go to their new homes and they were all packed up ready to go. When the day came Leigh got a phone call to say the lady could not take the cats after all so she had to re list them as looking for a new home. I showed the thread to hubby and with a little Persuan he agreed to take them. I messaged Leigh on the forum and told her the good news and gave her my number so we could have a chat. After chatting for sometime and because she was not that far away it was agreed that we go and collect the cats that afternoon. Leigh told us all about the cats when we got there and for saying how sore her baby was he was still a cheerful chap and a little cutie.

I promised Leigh i would add the boys to Purrrrfect-Persians for her to follow their progress. They had a quiet night and were hiding this morning but through the day they have moved around a little Smudge more than Dylan but they have found places where they can still keep an eye on the others. Salem and Cleo are very interested in the new cats and keep going up to see them bless, the trio have settled completely now and are quite relaxed. Cleo has really taken to hubby because she goes up to him all the time to wash him or play with him or just for a fuss and she will lay on him and fall asleep.

Now to introduce the 2 new Purrrrfect-Persians :)

Dylan is a Cream/White long haired Persian male and Smudge is an Exotic short haired colour point Persian male, they are both 3yrs old and i think they are going to enjoy being with other Persians when they are settled or as Leigh said Posh cats and i agreed with my Moggies being Peasants in the eyes of the Persians hahahaha. lol

I have a few new photo's of the trio i will add to the slide show later but i will just show the 2 new babies for now. Oh and by the way Vicky meet Leigh :)
My other Friend Vikki called me a Persian Queen when i txt'd her to say we were collecting the 2 Persians i had shown her the week before to see if i could persuade her to take them lol

Purrrs & Hugz from Cleo, Salem, Clonkers, Dylan & Smudge

oh and me hehehe.

Shelly. xxx xx

And a couple of Smudge i managed to get last night.

Monday, 6 April 2009

6th April

Monday 6th April 2009 9:04pm

All 3 have settled in completely now and have even been outside for some fresh air and some grass which is good for their tummies and the concrete patio will do their nails good. They all enjoyed it and the door was left open in case they wanted back in.

I got some wonderful pictures i took indoors the past 2 days, there's not many but great all the same. I had Salem leaping in the air to catch a toy but couldn't get a pic of him in mid air lol I will have to get someone to take a pic while i play with him. I am getting a babies top & tail bowl so its easier to clean their eye's and there clean to hold the cotton wool rather than a work top etc. I do have a mobile chef i use as a treatment table but there was a cat asleep on it yesterday when i wanted to clean their eyes typical. lol I have asked for and received tons of advise on caring for a Persians coat and on bathing and the safest and best shampoo/conditioner to use. I want whats best for them so they are comfortable and look thier best. :) Salem is not too keen on being brushed i sat with him and tried gently stroking his shorter fur with a soft brush. If i do this on a regular basis he should learn that it is a nice experience. Clonkers will sit and be brushed he doesn't mind at all.

We are going to book them into the vets in the next week to get them registered and micro chipped. I don't want to take any chances at all in losing these precious babies. I still keep just sitting and looking at them because i don't want to miss a thing lol Enjoy the pics.

Purrrs & Hugz xxx

I just adore this picture, iv'e been trying to get them both looking at me for 2 days to get this one lol Excuse the state of the chair its a faveorite with the cats now taken over by Salem, Cleo and even Clonkers gets on it now and then. :) It swivels, rock's with a rocking stool to match and reclines. I use it when watching my tv in the dining room.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

1 Week

Saturday 4th April 2009 12:00pm

It is now 1 whole week since i became a slave to 3 adorable Persians Cleo, Salem and Clonkers. They have settled in very well and are eating and playing. Cleo was a little sick last night but it was nothing to worry about. I am learning new things about them every day such as, Cleo likes licking plastic bags very odd lol Salem likes butter wich is good because it will help with his long thick coat and help with furballs.

All 3 have taken to hubby so i don't get much of a look in while he's in the house lol I will be attempting to bath Cleo and Salem some time today or tomorrow. I have been out and got a rubber bath mat so they don't slip around. I am expecting to get rather wet hehehe.

I hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying the nice weather were having.
I have also added more pictures to the slideshow at the bottom of the blog. I hope you enjoy the photo's.


Salem has figured out who holds the can opener and comes to me and asks ever so nicely for some food. lol It also turns out that Clonkers a quite the ladies man. The other day he was trying to play with Amber our ginger female and today i saw him playing with Spice one of our foster cats who belongs to my step daughter Lucy who is studying to be a teacher and moves into a house with her friend in june so she will be able to take her cats Sugar and Spice home. She has had them since she was a young girl. I will include a picture of Amber and Spice so you can see what pretty girls Clonkers is admiring. :)



I have just been watching Cleo and Salem eating and i have noticed Salem picks up his food and tries to throw it to the back of his mouth to chew just like other cats but he keeps dropping it. So i have decided to mash his food to see how he goes and if it is any easier for him.

Purrrrs & Hugz from us all. xxxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Day 6

Thursday 2nd April 2009 10:18am

Well its almost a week since i collected my new babies and all 3 seem to be settling quite well. Smokey tried to play with Clonkers and he turned round to chase Smokey but they both stopped lol I then saw Clonkers trying to play with Amber our ginger female so it looks like he is making 2 friends yay :) Clonkers has also been bouncing around on the hall chasing a toy it was heartwarming to see. Salem and Clonkers were also playing a game of chase on the hall.

Hubby didn't get a wash today lol but Cleo was giving him lots of love on his desk, i love the little noises she makes when she is getting a fuss its so cute. Salem and Smokey have been sat side by side on the worktop and they were not bothered by each others presence, so another friendship starting hopefully.

No piccies yet i was too slow in getting my camera to get Clonkers playing on the hall. But I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Day 5

Wednesday 1st April 2009 10:08pm

Just a quick one today. All 3 have been about the same today apart from Salem finding it highly amusing to skate up and down the laminate flooring on the hall it was realy funny lol Clonkers has been spending more time downstairs and Salem & Cleo feel the need to wash hubby's hair everytime he comes in hahahaha. They race over to thier tower and sit there untill hubby goes over then they start to wash him each in turn bless.

Salem & Cleo have spent most of the day sitting in the dining room and Cleo even settled on a chair and Salem on the tower in here. My moggies dont seem to be bothering them at all. I think i have mastered a little of the telling them apart lol I think its Salem that has a broader forhead and thinker main around his neck??

No piccies to share today sorry!

Oh i almost forgot they all had chicken and ham for Smokeys birthday and Cleo keeps running to the fridge when she hears it open to see what is coming out of it bless.
Purrrs and Hugz to all night night xxx